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Promotional Earphones for Work

8th September 2016

By Mo Yusuff

I have a favourite promotional product.

It, or rather they, are called Promobuds. They are promotional earphones you can use to listen to videos at work without distracting your colleagues.

Picture this…

You’re looking online for information to, say, help you manage your time better. So you type this into Goggle and one of the listings has the headline How to Manage Your Time Better – YouTube.

You click the link and a video appears and starts playing. Trouble is the sound is distracting others in the office. So you have to play it with the sound low and have your head really close to the speaker. Or worse still, you can’t hear a thing; your PC doesn’t have sound.

Then from you corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of a small box about 2.5” square with a really catchy design on the lid and inside happen to be earphones sent to you by one of your favourite suppliers…

…problem solved, you plug them in, watch and listen to the video and suddenly you’re getting work done 10 times faster than you use to (ok, maybe that last bit was more wishful thinking than fact, you get the message).

Promobuds has all the ingredients that makes it the perfect promotional product – guaranteed not only to get your name in front of your customers and prospects, but also to keep your name in front of them.

This pair of promotional earphones ticks the three boxes qualifying it as a great product;

One, it’s really useful.

Two, it’ll get your name talked about.

And three, it’ll be seen pretty much all, if not, most of the time.

However, if you think that Promobuds aren’t your style, we still have other promotional earphones (as well as speakers) to choose from!

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