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Promotional Magnifying Glasses

16th November 2019

By Richard Sullivan

In this post, we want to show you our unrivelled range of promotional magnifying glasses and professional magnifiers for business gifts.

Promotional Magnifying Glasses
Promotional Magnifying Glasses

Promotional Magnifying Glasses & Magnifiers makes fantastic  Business Gifts

Club Row Creations are your one-stop supplier of custom branded magnifying glass products. Promotional magnifying glasses can be printed with company logos for giveaways, exhibitions, mailshots, product launches, corporate gifts. They are used in many different industries for quality checking. We have been supplying our unique range of promotional magnifiers for years and hold good stock for quick turnaround time.

All our magnifiers are suitable for custom branding with your logo and contact details.

Our promotional magnifiers have been used in hundreds of different industries and are still relevant in today’s modern technical world.

Businesses find them to be an effective accessory to deliver a promotional advertising message. Take a closer look? Read the fine print! A small company that thinks big! That message could have been printed on a business card lens or a low vision reading aid for the local community.

The handheld magnifiers are a perfect wildlife educational gift for children for outdoor nature studies in parks and woodlands. If you are a school or a buyer for a gifts shop in a park or stately home, a handheld magnifier is the perfect custom branded gift for kids to investigate their local wildlife close up

Here are some of the key styles from our range of promotional magnifiers:

Credit Card Promotional Magnifiers
The lightweight credit card and flat Promotional Magnifiers are suitable for mailouts they can be printed up to 4 colours and work as practical giveaways for all ages. They are ideal to keep in your purse or wallet for everyday use especially for the older generation.

Just think of the multitude of uses – reading the small print on menus, bus and train timetables, food nutrition labels, medication details, price labels, etc. The card magnifier has a generous print area on the front for your details and is ideal for a large campaign at a reasonable price. Or as alternatives to business cards.

Folding Magnifiers
Small Folding Magnifiers in tough ABS plastic are a more substantial but lightweight magnifier with high magnification for close work or checking the details on maps, timetables, when out and about. These can be printed in up to four colours on the front and back, to highlight your brand.

Linen Tester Magnifiers
Linen Testers are a step up and suitable for more precise work such as the inspection of photographs, prints, documents etc. These are timeless practical and powerful magnifiers with a high perceived value. They have optical quality lenses, fold flat and are supplied gift boxed, a great opportunity to provide a quality, useful gift for offices, libraries, design studios, photographers.

Jewellers Loupes
The High specification metal Loupes comes in various magnifications and field of view. A Loupe magnifier is an essential piece of kit for a vast range of professionals are useful for watchmakers, diamond and jewellery inspection checking for clarity and flows, geologists and biologists and model makers who need to constantly inspect their work as they progress.

A Custom Branded Jewellers Loupe magnifier can be an essential business to business gift for individuals involved in technology such as circuit board design and repair. Engineers often use a loupe to inspect circuit boards for any manufacturing defects and missing or misaligned components.

Club Row offers the most complete range of handheld and desktop magnifiers from the cheapest to the most technical linen testers and Loupes.

View our full range of Magnifier Glasses on this link below

Promotional Magnifying Glasses 

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