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Promotional Power Banks in the Wild

1st September 2016

By Mo Yusuff

Promotional power banks are favourite promotional products of mine.

The word bank is in the description, but it has nothing to do with greedy, unscrupulous or corrupt behaviour.

It’s one of the most useful things I’ve seen in ages.

It was also featured in our Club Row Chronicle and is such a useful gadget. A batch was snapped up by our customer, Cecily, who shipped them over to Papua New Guinea.

She said:

Hi Wills,

 I’m back and have a picture of one of the Tribal chaps from Tufi (a beautiful place in the Oro province of Papua New Guinea) using the charger while texting on his phone for you!

 Kind regards


Now, you may be wondering why this incredibly colourful Tribal Chap is in need of (and, yes if you haven’t guessed already my new favourite product is) a power bank. This is basically a battery that holds power so you can charge your phone, tablet or whatever device you have, on the go.

Here’s why:

The tribal chaps of Tufi have no electricity and just like almost everyone on the planet, they have mobile phones. When the battery runs out, they have to travel miles to the nearest resort to charge them up. Or at least they used to.

So, make it a habit to carry a power bank with you!

We have an amazing range of promotional power banks on our website that you can choose from. But if you think none of them is up to your liking, get in touch with us and we’ll look for the perfect one for you!

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