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Promotional Products and Feedbacks

27th July 2017

By Mo Yusuff

Don’t you love feedback? I do.

Especially when it’s from someone who completely misses the point. Who assumes they know something about something when, in fact, they really know nothing at all.

I received an email from someone named John some time ago who is so convinced I’m losing business because I keep in touch with my customers and prospects regularly. He felt he needed to give me advice about email marketing and how I can increase business by not sending emails.

Before I explain why his comments are so wide of the mark, here’s what John had to say:


while i appreciate staying informed with your company as it supplies things i sometime need and want – you are simply sending too many spam emails. 

I have used your unsubscribe feature today – and am sure other business are feeling the same after you spam 3 times in a week ???

if i want your services again I will remember and choose to contact you and before you loose (sic) more potential business i would suggest you reconsider your spamming tone and mails frequency.

Good luck with your business


Three things spring to mind…

One…I don’t send spam emails, never have and never, ever will. The only people who receive emails from me as I kindly corrected John, “I only email people who have contacted me or someone in my company first.”

Two…I don’t send emails 3 times a week, I send emails every working day.

And three…sending regular emails doesn’t, as John pointed out, “loose (sic) more potential business.”

How do I know?

Here’s an email I received just three weeks before John’s email from a great customer of mine:

“Hi Mo, I love your emails every day, they are almost like a guilty pleasure lol… keep up the great work.

On another note boss is in town from Basel and I am working on him Russ so I can get an order. 

Have a great evening both of you.

Kind regards


Also, how about this one that popped into my inbox after that from Julia?

“Mo – you need a cat.   (I know this is the wrong kind of mouse but bear with me)

Russell – I am running out of branded memory sticks – do you have any good deals?   Probably printed two colours, usual swivelly things, about 1gb should be enough.   How’s married life?”

Everyone I know that takes the time to keep in touch with their customers, rather than make excuses not to, has a successful business and a great relationship with their customers and clients.

Keeping in touch with your customers and clients is something you should do the minute you deliver their first order or service (trust me on this, they really do appreciate it) and what better way to start things off than to send them a little Thank You gift in the post.

That’s where promotional products come in!

It’s something that we do and it has helped to increase our repeat business massively. Want to know how you can make promotional products work for you? Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about promotional products!

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