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Promotional Products and Repeat Businesses

7th July 2016

By Mo Yusuff

Sending promotional products as thank you gifts can touch people’s feelings. But that’s not all they can do? They also make your customers come back to you.

A friend of mine, Richard, has a glass splashback business. You know, those glass panels you see in kitchens to stop fat and stuff messing up your wall? Or in bathrooms to stop water going everywhere when you take a shower?

Now, the reason for mentioning Richard is because of his sceptical reply to an email I sent him.

My email said:

“Would you buy pens from me after an email like that?

 Best wishes


Now, for this to all make sense, I should explain why I asked the question, and do bear with me, the story’s a good lesson in marketing and something you could certainly benefit from.

Richard signed up to my 7 top tips video series which explains why most promotional products can fail to make the impact you want them to, and how to fix it.

At the end of the series, I send him an automated email asking if he found them useful and offering him a couple of my favourite promotional pens in a special presentation box so he can see for himself a great promotional product that will make an impact. I also mention what a great gift it would make to thank customers for their business.

Anyway, Richard clicked the link, added his details and requested his pens.

So I asked him, “Would you buy pens from me after an email like that?”

And he replied;

“I wouldn’t buy pens from the email but once I’d received them and if I liked them and you showed supporting evidence that buying your customers gifts either stopped / decreased the likelihood of them going elsewhere or made them buy more from you I’d consider it yes.

 I’ll be talking to you soon about the shock and awe package 🙂


And here’s the supporting evidence (or as close as you’ll get), to prove how people are more likely to come back to you rather than go elsewhere.

An automated email was sent to a new customer to let her know a thank you gift is being sent…

Date:        04/05/2015 16:01

Subject:        Charlie, Your Thank You Gift Is Being Sent Today

“Thanks Mo – that’s really sweet of you.



Less than an hour and a half later…

Date:        05/05/2015 17:26

“Hi Russell,

I hope you’re well and had a good weekend?

I had a quick question, we are now looking to get some white t-shirts made up (much like the Mission X ones you did).

We would be looking to have 100 white t-shirts with the following design…

Would it be possible to quote me for these please? Our event is next weekend, so lead times aren’t huge I’m afraid.

Many thanks,


Now, I’m not saying Charlie enquired with us because of the thank you gift. And although it’s likely she would have got in touch anyway, a small gift costing just a few pounds certainly helps to build the relationship and who knows, maybe it actually does decrease the likelihood of your customers going elsewhere.

And even if it doesn’t, isn’t it a good thing to thank someone anyway?

The thank you gift we send out is a beautiful black glass etched promotional mug, wrapped in personalised paper.

So if you think your customers or clients are worth saying thank you to and you’d like me and my team to come up with some exclusive ideas just for you, tell us what promotional products you’re looking for and we’ll send you a range of promotional products that’ll get your clients loving you even more.

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