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Promotional Products and Sharing Knowledge

4th January 2018

By Mo Yusuff

Believe it or not, being successful in business is not all about selling.

Sure, sales need to exceed costs for you to make a profit and if you aren’t making a profit you haven’t got a business, but there’s more to it than just trying to sell your products.

The truth is people are not really interested in buying your products at all. They’re more interested in what your products can do for them, what problem they can solve, or how they’ll benefit from them.

Sometimes, it’s good to even forget about what you’re selling and look at other ways to help your customers and prospects.

Personally, I love sharing knowledge, especially when it’s about something that’ll help people. Take direct response marketing, for example. It’s something I’m passionate about. I know a lot about it and, if I can help people get good at it, it’ll benefit their company which ultimately could benefit my company.

I received an email from Adrian a few years ago. He signed up to my video tips about promotional products and was in the middle of an email campaign sharing some of my knowledge with him.

What encouraged him to contact me was my email asking him about his top marketing goals and challenges. He replied with a pretty detailed list, explaining a bit about his new innovative breakfast product and by looking at what he was saying, Adrian, knows his stuff and I’m sure he’ll do well.

Anyway, I replied to him:

“Hi Adrian,

I’ve put a few ideas together for you that may help you.

Hope you can open word docs. If not, let me know and I’ll stick them on google drive or drop box.

If there’s anything else you’re stuck on, let me know.

Best wishes,


And his reply:

“Thank you Mo.

I will review in detail.

I appreciate your time to do this. It really does set you apart from the competition.

Best regards,


Whether Adrian will become a client of mine was not important. What was important though was that I took the time to give him some advice and if that benefits him, it may, sometime in the future, benefit me and my business. If it doesn’t, no harm done.

Now, there’s something else I’m pretty good at and passionate about and that is helping people find promotional products that totally aligns with their company values. Stuff that, if they’re lucky, would take them hours and hours to find.

So why not put me and my team to the test and let us find promotional products you probably didn’t even know existed.

You can check the range of promotional products on our website or just simple send us a message about the promotional products you’d like.

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