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which promotional products for bottom of the funnel

Which Promotional Products are Best for Bottom of the Funnel Campaigns

13th March 2018

When you’re marketing your business, the bottom of your marketing funnel is an exciting time.

At the bottom of the funnel, you’ll have been wooing potential clients for some time. As you’ve invested time and money into the relationship, you really want to maximise the chances of getting them on board.

To achieve this, it’s important to think carefully and be innovative when devising your strategy. Using promotional products intelligently and strategically helps to impress prospects and encourage conversion.

First, it’s good to offer something practical and useful: prospects will welcome a gift that they can utilise in the office or wherever they work. Give them something that they’ll use in the workplace, and they’ll associate you with wherever they ply their trade. And by offering them something useful, you’re helping them to get their job done.

At this point, it’s also worth spending a decent amount of money. You don’t want to break the bank, but you do want to give them something which looks impressive and implies quality. While top of the funnel calls for a relatively low-cost but widespread approach, the bottom of the funnel requires more class and more focus.

For example, you could offer a generous, incentivised gift. For example, you could encourage prospects to sign up with you by a certain date by offering them a product like these:

This micro Bluetooth speaker produces high-quality sound and is available in three colours.

This USB tree helps with charging multiple devices and it looks and feels high-quality.

These products work well as an incentive for prospects to sign up for a deal with you, rather than one of your competitors. Though products like these can be a little pricey, they should be seen as a priceless investment. The cost will pale in comparison to the new clients you attract as a result.

Ultimately, when using promotional products to attract clients at the bottom of the funnel, you want to offer something relevant, classy and good quality. Prospects will be impressed with the personal touch and will value a good quality gift rather than something throwaway and every day.

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