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Promotional Products Experts Greet You a Merry Christmas!

24th December 2015

By Mo Yusuff

Preparing great promotional products for everyone this Christmas was chaotic. Rather than winding down, the last working days of the year got us working flat out on stuff that’ll happen the second we get back in January.

Funny how this time of year people all do the same thing. And they do it year after year after year. They tell themselves that next year is gonna be different…But it won’t be.


Because people continue doing the same stuff that got them where they were last year.

For a few years, I did that too. I’d make New Year Resolutions (the only sure thing about them is that they get broken very quickly), I’d tell myself that this year would be different, I’ll save money, get fit, grow the business.

And, of course, it never happened because I never did anything different. I just hoped that somehow magically, by telling myself it’ll happen, it’ll happen. But it never did and as the end of that year would approach with no change too.

People in business do the same. The same stuff they did last year, the year before and the year before that…but they’re still hoping things will change. Things will get better.

So, if there’s stuff you’re planning for next year, do yourself a huge favour and make a start now like picking promotional products perfect for your 2016 marketing campaigns!

But enough of that!

We got over it and it’s now…

Christmas message time!!!

And this year we’ve decided to leave it up to the youngsters (that is apart from Mandy who just can’t stop dancing).

It’ll give you a little insight into what some of my team get up to in their spare time.

I hope you laugh as much when you see it as the team did when they made it.

From all of us here at Club Row Creations: Have a great Christmas and an amazing and prosperous New Year!

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