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9th February 2017

By Mo Yusuff

To be absolutely honest, football is not my game. So when I heard on the radio one morning years ago the words “7 – 1 defeat” and “the worst moment of his career, I thought, “That’ll be someone like the USA getting thrashed by, probably, Brazil.”

It was only later in the day I discovered I was right.

Right that it did involve Brazil, but wrong about everything else.

How could the favourites, to win, in their own country, be so humiliated by such a pasting?

Rashid, our former designer who has this very strange obsession with football, explained it all to me.

Apparently, one of their best players, Naymar, who scores lots of goals, was injured and worse than that, Thiago Silva, the Captain was suspended for fouling a few times.

So the person guiding the team and keeping them all focused and together was not only a bad example. He wasn’t also there.

So the team had no leadership, no real direction, and no support when they needed it the most.

A bit like some businesses when the boss is away, stuff starts going wrong.

Luckily, I have a great team. So if ever I am away, things kind of run a bit like clockwork and the service and quality doesn’t go downhill.

There are times I’ll be away for a few days and although things will continue to run like clockwork during those times, I won’t be around to help find those, out of the ordinary, get you noticed, promotional products.

Regardless, if you are a bit stuck and in need of a helping hand, give us a quick idea of the promotional products you’re looking for and, just like Germany was, my team will be all over it.

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