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Promotional Products and Good Reviews

1st February 2018

By Mo Yusuff

When your customers say great things about you, you know you must be doing something right. This is true, not just in the promotional products industry, but in any type of business.

And when people who’ve never bought from you say great things about you, not only must you be doing something right, you also have a good chance of converting them into a customer.

It’s actually not that difficult to turn someone you don’t know into a “huge fan.”

Take Jenn for example. She was referred to us and, because she signed up to my free tips about promotional products, she received an email offering some free pens.

Here’s the email that popped into my inbox:

“Hi Mo,

I wanted to let you know that had I not already received an amazing supply of sample pens from Wills (including the one you’re talking about here) I would totally buy into this offer. I’m a huge fan of your company already, and have so far received stellar service.

I’m afraid I’m becoming a problem customer, as my needs are changing daily. Since I originally contacted you guys, the number of delegates for our meeting has risen by 30%, which has changed the scale of our other non-negotiable costs. (We’ve had to book a second room at the venue!) I’m currently scrambling to re-evaluate the budget, but will certainly be coming to when we get ourselves sorted (soon!).

I also wanted to let you know that Wills has been very helpful and responsive, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks.

Many thanks,


Jenn was actually wrong about one thing and I immediately corrected her.

She hasn’t become a problem customer. I pointed out to Jenn that change is good and life would be pretty dull if things didn’t change. We’re here to help and it’s in our interests to make sure she gets it right so the more things change, the more we’re happy to do what it takes.

We’ll be also happy to do the same thing for you! So come to us with your needs regarding promotional products. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be glad to help you look for them. We also have an excellent range of promotional products on our website that you can already check.

Afterwards, why not leave some nice few words about us? It shouldn’t take you more than a minute or two and it will help me out hugely. Say something about the promotional products you got and the service you experienced from us.

Reviews and testimonials are known as social proof. Basically, if you tell people how amazing you or your company are, they’re not gonna believe you. However, if someone else says good things about you, they’re more likely to be true. So if you’ve had a good experience with me and my company, share the love!

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