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12th October 2017

By Mo Yusuff

It’s not uncommon to encounter unreliable suppliers in the promotional products industry. Let me tell you a story.

I replied to an email long ago. It was from Karissa – our former staff. She copied me and a few others in. She was reprimanding a supplier for not sending an order out on the day he promised he would (luckily, she was on the ball and the items were delivered on time and the client none the wiser).

Anyway, this guy thought he’d got off the hook. That was until he saw my accidently sent reply.

Apart from me changing the names, Karissa’s words were:

“Hi Tarquin,

I’m very disappointed to find out that the Brain Tumour T-Shirt’s, we were under the impression were printed and ready to go out, have in fact not yet been printed…

If there are issues with orders in future due to being busy etc., it is much easier to just let us know as we might be able to give you more time or to inform our customers before confirming delivery dates to them. This is not the first issue we’ve had with being ill informed about orders and I would hope that nothing like this is repeated in future.

Kind regards,

Karissa Ayton

Production Co-ordinator”

I hit “Reply All” not really thinking (something I’m getting really good at back then), or maybe I was, and said:


We really can’t afford to use this guy anymore.

All repeat business we need to switch to either Acme t-shirt printers or the other company Russ used is probably worth a try.

Do we all agree?

Best wishes,


Anyway, not even a murmur from good old Tarquin (not his real name) and there ended a relationship not worth having.

Now my point to all this is it’s all to do with price.

See, Tarquin is dirt cheap and a printer we used from time to time. He’d generally do a reasonable job, but from time to time he would mess up. He was always obsessed with price. With being cheaper than everyone else (I actually told him on more than one occasion to charge us more and give us a better service).

On the other hand, Acme t-shirts printers charge probably around 50% more than Tarquin, but they do a fantastic job and offer probably double the value for money. They get, and always have, almost all our garment printing work.

My point is this:

Never be taken in by someone who proudly tells you how cheap they are. Would you really want to spend your holidays in the cheapest hotel in town? Go to the cheapest restaurants? I’d guess not.

So, our promotional products may not be cheap but we’re proud of them! Check out our range of promotional products and you’ll see what we mean.

Even if you can’t find anything to your liking, just let us know the promotional products you have in mind and we’ll find the best – not the cheapest – one for you!

Over the years we’ve found that price really isn’t the most important factor when choosing something and if someone thinks you’re expensive, what they really mean is they can’t afford you.

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