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Promotional Products and Lateral Thinking

2nd March 2017

By Mo Yusuff

You know those moments when you glance at something and can’t believe your eyes?

What you see seems so ridiculous, so bizarre. It just can’t be true! Then you realise it is and you really want to tell everyone about it.

Happened to me two years ago and I actually laughed out loud. It’s all about traffic cops in the Philippines being made to wear adult diapers (nappies to us).

The Pope was visiting Manila that time and The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman decided to treat 2,000 traffic enforcers each to a pair of adult diapers. Probably something a bit like this pair that the manufacturers claim is “An amazing new design we have worked so hard to bring you.”

After testing the idea on 800 traffic enforcers one Friday (a kinda dry run I suppose), he claimed the idea was “‘well received’ by his men.”

Now, this really smart official also encouraged people, who would wait for hours to see the pope, to also wear diapers. They claimed there wouldn’t be enough portable toilets for the millions of people expected to see Pope Francis at an open-air Mass.

I think it’s called lateral thinking.

Anyway, if you’d like me to apply a bit of lateral thinking and put together some great promotional products to help you sell more of your products and build great relationships with your customers or clients, have a look here to find out a bit more.

It’s called the Personalised Product Catalogue. It’s a range of promotional products selected by me and my team exclusively for you. The good news is, although they’re costly to put together, you don’t pay a single penny! It’s on me.

If you use promotional products on a regular basis, are interested in making a huge difference this year and would like to attract more business, add your details and we can get moving.

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