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Promotional Products and the Law of Attraction

11th April 2018

In life, we’re all prone to the law of attraction. We seek out products and experiences that reflect who we are, and we attempt to build relationships with people who are similar to us. We all tend to surround ourselves with the ideas and the people who we feel share our values.

This also applies to business, where customers will gravitate towards companies and businesses who share their ethics, values, style, aims and sense of fun.

In order to make use of this, it’s very important for you to think about who your target market is…

…and also to consider where they hang out, what they spend their time doing, and what they’re like as individuals. Be very specific about this, and perhaps even focus on one section of your market at a time if that gives you more focus, direction and clarity.

This is where promotional merchandise comes in. Because the range of products you have to choose from is hugely diverse, there’s bound to be something for any prospect or client.

For outdoor workers, we offer uniforms. For office-based prospects, we have stationery, USB sticks and more. For people who are always in meeting rooms, we have biscuits and sweets. All of these promotional products can be branded with your logo and strapline.

Think carefully about what your target market wants or needs. If you’re not sure, we have years’ of experience, so we’ll have lots of ideas to help out.

For clients who regularly hold meetings, for example, we offer these: – these cookies are easy to share which will be very useful for team or client meetings.

Or for something a little fancier, your prospect might prefer this: 

Ultimately, you should remember that the law of attraction is not some sort of theoretical or magical imagining, but simply based on the ethos that people tend to be attracted to like-minded people and companies.

Therefore, if you focus very strictly on your target market when you devise your marketing strategy, you have a much better chance of attracting them to you. Use the right call to action, the right approach and the right language, and you’ll attract exactly the customer base you crave.

…and this extends to using promotional items! If you can correctly maximise your business promotion campaign by using the tips above, the right customers will come.

For help on the effective use of branded gifts and advice on what’ll work, get in touch.

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