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28th July 2016

By Mo Yusuff

His sales pitch was just a bit too long and he blew it.

This happened a long time ago as I was walking close to home.

A guy started walking alongside me and began talking.

I’d never seen him before. He had bruises on his face, his clothing was crumpled and he probably didn’t have anywhere to live.

He told me how he banged his head and had suffered head injuries. He’d been in and out of hospital because of it and that’s why he couldn’t work anymore.

After what seemed like a minute or two, his words just stopped making any sense; I could hear him but didn’t understand what he was saying.

I then arrived at the shop I wanted to enter so I waved him goodbye and walked in.  He shouted after me, “Hey, I have a favour to ask you…” But it was too late.

Interestingly, if he’d simply asked me for a pound or two, I’d probably have helped him but because of his beating around the bush and not asking for what he wanted, he lost his chance to make money.

It can be the same in business too. If you don’t make your message clear, you can lose out.

So while I’m here, and without beating about the bush, is there anything you’re struggling with at the moment? Like promotional products you’re finding difficult to get your hands on. Or maybe it’s an idea you have that you’d like developing a bit further.

My team and I would love to help. We’re actually really good at finding unusual promotional products – stuff most people just can’t get their hands on. Want to put us to the test? Get in touch with us and tells us what promotional products you’re struggling with and we’ll solve your problem faster than you can say, “Hey, I have a favour to ask you…”

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