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Promotional Products and Service Quality

25th January 2018

By Mo Yusuff

As you know, customer service is everything, especially in the promotional products industry.

Even if you only have an OK product but your service is good, you’ll do okay.

But if you have a great product but your service is rubbish, you’ll still struggle.

If your product is rubbish and your service is even worse, you haven’t got a hope in hell…

…or so I thought until one unbelievable experience back in 2016.

Have you ever been so angry and frustrated with a supplier because they can’t fix something and there’s absolutely nothing you can do? There’s no one to turn to who’s prepared to listen? Having to put up with a situation that’s so ludicrous, it feels surreal?

Now, multiply that by 100 and you’ll get an idea at just how frustrating those weeks had been.

It had all to do with the telecoms and internet provider we were forced to use in our old office because our landlords won’t allow us to go elsewhere. The fact their charges are almost double the average for this kind of thing was hard to stomach. Now, add the fact that their service was so bad, the stress made me develop a slightly hunched posture. Also, to look at my face, you’d think I’m in constant pain. That had pretty much tipped me over the edge.

It all started when we moved to our “brand spanking new offices” at the end of November 2015.

It was a Friday, the day we moved, and we carefully planned the day so the phones would seamlessly redirect to the new offices while we were moving all our stuff in.

Our phone number redirected a bit earlier than planned, so I rushed over to the new place to check the new phones were working okay and that was the start of our problems. The phones rang ok when someone called us but the trouble was they couldn’t hear us and we couldn’t hear them.

So we had poor John lying on the floor (the offices were still bare) writing down the numbers as they appeared on the phone’s display and calling them up on his mobile to explain our problem.

Anyway, I grabbed the engineer from the telecoms and internet provider, Incomp (not their real name but kinda fitting), who was fixing problems in another office down the corridor and he set about fixing the problem. An hour or so later, he disappeared saying he’ll return soon to finish fixing the problem.

The problem was finally fixed around 4pm and I still have no idea what was wrong and why it took so long to fix.

A few days later, we received an email from someone trying to call us saying they couldn’t get through. The lines were down. They took a couple of hours to get them working again.

After that, we noticed things weren’t as they should be. The phones weren’t doing what we wanted them to. For example: If someone’s direct dial number was engaged, rather than diverting to the main number so someone could answer the call, it would cut off altogether. So we tested everyone’s phone and created a list of issues so they could all be dealt with together.

Sixteen different problems ranging from calls not being diverted when a direct dial number was engaged to the calls being transferred to voicemail which we didn’t want and couldn’t access anyway.

A day or so later, they came back to us to say everything’s been fixed and could we check to make sure we’re happy.

If only it was that simple…

Fortunately, we moved out of that old office and into a new one late last year, which means we don’t have to deal with Incomp anymore! Their bad service affected how we do things, even for just a bit, and we can’t have that as we’re very proud of our service.

We’re so proud of it we even offer a guarantee if we fail to provide the best promotional products.

So, rest assured that you can have the best kind of service with us. What are you waiting for? Check our range of promotional products or let us know what promotional products you’re looking for by getting in touch with us!

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