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Promotional Products and the Six Laws of Persuasion

23rd April 2018

If you’ve ever wondered how potential prospects and potential customers are wooed, this might help to clear things up.

Although people can sometimes be hard to predict, there are factors and influences to which we are all susceptible.

Research has shown that there are six factors which influence us to say “Yes”. Here are these six factors, and how they may apply to your business:


People are keen to repay a favour. If you can offer kindness to someone, people often feel obliged to return the favour. So, if you give a personalized gift to your prospects, don’t be surprised if they buy your product or service in return.


If there is a lack of a commodity or resource, people tend to want it more. People want to know what is unique about you but, more importantly, what they will lose if they don’t take up your offer.


People follow the knowledge of experts. From a young age we tend to listen to figures who we view as an authority, so ensure you express your knowledge and credibility before you offer something. This is one of the reasons why testimonials work so well in business and even more so if they are unsolicited, unbiased testimonials, such as those found on third-party sites, e.g. product reviews on Amazon.


People tend to be consistent. If people have acted or behaved in a certain way in the past, they are likely to behave the same way in the future. Find out which of your prospects responded well to particular campaigns and retarget them with the same campaign.


Simply put, people prefer to say yes to people they like. Science tells us that we like people who are similar to us, who pay us compliments and who co-operate with us towards mutual goals. Get to know your target market and build relationships.


People tend to look to the actions of others to decide their own action in certain situations. If you have a loyal following, advertise that fact. If you let prospects know that other people value your business, they’re likely to follow suit.

If you consider these factors when planning your marketing strategy, potential prospects should be persuaded by what you offer.

Where promotional products are concerned, the first two of these factors are the most important. If you can give a personalised gift that seems genuine, generous and scarce, you’ll already have prospects half in the bag.

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