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Promotional Products Stops Tumbleweeds

26th January 2017

By Mo Yusuff

I’ve talked about using promotional products as “thank you” gifts already but here’s another reason why you should do it.

One of the things I’ve noticed when doing business with people is they never really say “thank you.”

There’s always lots of activity, phone calls, emails, more phone calls, even more emails and then that’s it, job done, service completed, goods delivered and then….nothing.

You could hear tumbleweed gently rolling past you, a pin drop, and the sound of crickets rubbing their little legs together.

For some strange reason, a supplier will suddenly stop all contact after a service is complete or a product is delivered and the message this gives to the customer is probably “They’ve has their money and now they’re not interested anymore.

Maybe it’s not totally conscious. Maybe they’re not thinking of it at the time. But the next time you contact them, a couple of months later, don’t seem surprised if they assume you’re calling them for only one reason.

Now, here are some really easy, quick and simple things you can do to ensure your customers appreciate you as much as you appreciate them.

Everyone who uses our promotional products and services gets a little gift in the post after their first order with us (if for any reason you haven’t had yours, let me know and I’ll pop one in the post today), all wrapped in paper printed with “Thank Yous” in a dozen or so different languages.

So if you’d like some help in choosing great promotional products as “Thank You” gifts for your customers, just give us a brief idea of what you do and I’ll make sure you have the perfect range of promotional products to look at within a day or two.

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