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12th July 2018

By Mo Yusuff

What started as an idea less than eight years ago has developed into one of the most amazing stories about breathtaking service, and not just giving people what they want but giving them more than they ever imagined possible.

And just like anything new that comes along and revolutionises an industry, people objected. People who don’t want change because it threatens them. They know they can no longer get away with the lack lustre service they’ve been getting away with for years.

I’m talking about Uber, the online minicab service where you can order cab with the press of a button.

Apparently, it all started on a snowy Paris evening in 2008, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp had trouble hailing a cab. So, they came up with a simple idea—tap a button, get a ride.

They boast on their website.

“We use technology to give people what they want, when they want it.”

So, gone are the days when you’re stuck somewhere in the middle of the night with no way to get home. Gone are those times when you wait ages for a black cab and when one stops you’re told:

“Sorry, Guv, I’m not going south of the river, it’s not on my way home.”

There has been a lot of controversy all around the world about Uber’s methods of sidestepping regulations that have been carefully build up over the years, and the fact they’re “not playing by the rules.” They’ve even been accused of using “thug like tactics” to get their own way.

But you know what?

I don’t care.

In my opinion, the taxi service in this, and probably some other, countries has been in need of a shake up for years and new technology has made it happen for the better.

Taking about shaking things up a bit, my book does a bit of that.

I expose some of the myths that surround the reasons for buying promotional products and also how easy it is to get them to work harder for you.

And here’s the really good news…

You can have a free copy of my book which is valued at £15.97!

It’s called Promo Power Supremacy: The quick and easy no-nonsense guide to getting noticed, building relationships and growing your company using promotional products and it shows you how easily you can attract your ideal customers or clients. Grab your copy here.

And if you are ready to invest in promotional products, don’t hesitate to contact us, my team and I will get back to you quickly and help you choose what’s the best for your company.

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