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Promotional Products and Unbeatable Prices

5th October 2017

By Mo Yusuff 

There’s a shop not far from our old offices that probably made the one fatal mistake so many businesses make.

In fact, this shop isn’t a shop anymore. It’s an ex-shop or a shop that doesn’t sell anything anymore. The reason is so simple.

Have a look for yourself and tell me if you can spot the reason why:

Did you spot the one big mistake it made that probably led to its demise? (Clue: The sign above the door.)

“Our Prices Cannot Be Beaten”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being competitive. In fact, offering better quality products and a far superior service than any of your competitors proves you’re giving so much more and, therefore, offering better value for money.

There are loads of reasons why the “Cannot Be Beaten On Price” model is so wrong and here are just three:

  1. It’s impossible to offer the cheapest price, a level of service that people expect these days, and great quality products – something has to give which is either service or quality or both.
  2. There’s always someone desperate enough to do something for nothing – trouble is (and I’m sure we’ve all been there when business is a bit on the slow side) they usually end up regretting it, especially when they realise they’re actually losing money.
  3. You’re attracting the wrong sort of people – anyone who’s looking for the best or at least wanting some sort of proof that you’ll do a great job will walk away and all you’re left with are the dregs at the bottom of the teapot, the people who buy on price alone and then complain when they end up with poor service and shoddy goods.

So, just like Apple, one of my favourite companies, be proud of your prices and if anyone tells you you’re far too expensive, remember this:

It’s not that you’re too expensive; it’s simply that they cannot afford your products and services.

Besides, if you are the cheapest around, you won’t be able to do all the cool things to keep your customers happy like presenting them with the coolest promotional products as a thank you gift or giveaway! Things like these will make people come back to you again and again rather than a promise of an inexpensive transaction.

So, check out our range of promotional products and start building those campaigns that will not only keep your customers to you but also grow your business! If you’re not sure, let us know what promotional products you’re looking for!

Now, yes, our promotional products ain’t cheap, but we’re proud of their quality and of our service. So proud that we offer this guarantee! You can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

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