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Promotional Products and Upselling

23rd February 2017

By Mo Yusuff

Let me talk about a sales strategy that is also being done with promotional products.

Would you like fries with that?

The simple phrase heard at just about every McDonald’s is an example of an upsell that has sold millions more fries each year.

Upselling exists in many forms but the principle remains the same: offer customers the opportunity to purchase additional items to benefit, enhance, supplement or otherwise improve upon their current purchase or experience.

What makes upselling such a powerful sales strategy is customers are far more likely to spend more while they’re in “buying mode.”

When going to the cinema, ever noticed the small difference in price between the medium and large popcorn? Or when you buy electrical or IT products and are offered an extended warranty for only a few pounds?

I witnessed a great example of upselling one time in my local pub. The barman increased the cost of a drink by 45% in just a few seconds.

Here’s the story:

Two guys at the bar ordered a jug of Pimm’s for themselves and their partners.

The barman asks if they’d like an extra shot of gin. He explains that Pimm’s is an afternoon drink and, because it’s evening time, a little shot of gin will sharpen it up a bit and get you in the mood. “It’s only another £4 and it does help make it a really cool drink,” he says.

One of the guys looked at the other and said something like, “Yeah, let’s do it but don’t tell the girls eh.”

So a £9 order became £13 in just a few seconds!

Upselling is a great practice for any business. However, most importantly, don’t upsell just to make more money. People will see right through this. Instead, keep in mind what products you offer go well together or even asking the question “What else are you looking for?” will achieve surprising results.

Another method of upselling is to offer a free gift for an additional purchase and the useful free gift has your logo and message all over it. This is where promotional products come in!

If you haven’t done this before and would like some ideas, get in touch with us and we’ll look for promotional products that’ll be right for you.

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