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15th June 2017

By Mo Yusuff

Funny how different people respond differently to the same message.

Take this email I sent out a very long time ago.

I asked a couple of simple questions about our website (wherein you can check out the promotional products we can provide you), which was still considerably new back then.

The intention was to get honest feedback so we can make it useful to people.

Quite a few people replied and I got some great, honest opinions, which I used to make the site better.

One chap, however, took offence and replied:

“My name isn’t Karen and I don’t like the sneaky approach. If you want honesty in response then you need to be honest up front”


Now, this puzzled me for two reasons:

Firstly, what did he mean by “sneaky”? If he thought I’m trying to get people onto my website in the hope they’ll see promotional products they like and buy from me, then he didn’t understand how it works. If I wanted someone to buy from me, I’d ask them.

Secondly, why did he have an email address that starts with Karen when his name is Guy? Figure that one out.

Anyway, my reply was simple:

“Not sure what you mean by sneaky?

I genuinely want my website to be useful to my customers and prospects.

Why? Because if they find my website great to use, they’re likely to buy or buy more from me.

Strange you think I’m being sneaky, you really don’t know me.

Sorry for calling you Karen, maybe changing your email address would save confusion in the future.

And thanks for the email, its great fodder for my daily email on Monday.”

I then unsubscribed Karen.

Another reply was completely the opposite and this came from an expert in direct response marketing and copywriting. He said:

Hi Mo

First of all, congratulations. This is a stroke of genius, getting your customers and potential customers to comment on your website. Wish I’d thought of it.

Just a couple of things:

He then went on to mention a couple of little changes which could make a huge difference to response.

He also asked me to critique his website, which I looked at and offered my opinion.

Anyway, it’s been two years since then, our website is still filled with cool promotional products that you would like to use to boost your business’ popularity.

But if you don’t find anything you like, you can also use the website to contact us and we can help you look for the promotional products you will love!

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