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Promotional Products That “Wow!”

22nd September 2016

By Mo Yusuff

Do your clients ever use the words, “Oh my god” repeatedly every 45 seconds?

Or even, “You completely blew me away”?

Happened to us before and although it’s not the first time we’ve had a client jumping up and down with excitement, this has definitely won first place in the “so excited I can’t control what I say” contest.

Let me explain exactly what we do that creates such an uncontrollable and slightly disturbing, response.

We call it the Personalised Product Catalogue and it’s not for everyone.

The Personalised Product Catalogue is very simply a range of promotional products chosen with a lot of care and attention to replicate a company’s personality and what it stands for.

So how do we do this?

Well, first, we have a conversation to discover as much as we can about the company and what the business does, what it believes in, the type of clients it wants to attract, and we begin to build up a picture.

Then, it’s all down to us and we start doing all the hard work.

Now, this particular client – who also happens to be a good friend of mine, Yinka – has been pushing me for a while to do one for her company, but we only recently managed to get together so we could make a start.

It took us just over three weeks to finish the catalogue and yesterday we presented her with the finished product.

Usually the Personalised Product Catalogue consists of a range of around 15 promotional products complete with full specification sheets explaining, in detail, everything about each item and a full set of actual samples, some decorated with the company logo.

Now, Yinka’s business is different to most. She helps empower education establishments to take control of their catering services through training and education. So, she wanted a range to target Head Teachers, Teachers and Pupils, so kind of 3 ranges in 1.

We presented a range of over 40 promotional products.

From earphone and power banks to personal organisers and conference folders…and she loved the Vidipack!

Yinka’s comments at the end of the presentation included words like “not just crap keyrings, everything’s so funky and quirky” and “you’ve given me more food (no pun intended) for thought, than I ever thought possible.”

She then she set off with the huge box of samples, her Personalised Product Catalogues, and a big smile.

If you’re interested with this special service we’re offering, get in touch with us and see if you’ll qualified: Help me find promotional products, Club Row!

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