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Quality Promotional Products Don’t Come Cheap

7th February 2019

By Mo Yusuff

Why are some people so obsessed about price?

I just don’t understand the logic behind it.

Take this for example.

A request came through for dust bags. Y’know those thin drawstring bags used to protect expensive handbags. Fairly large quantity, either black or white. Oh and needed in a couple of weeks.

Tricky but with a bit of effort, do-able.

On my third or fourth phone call I seemed to be getting somewhere.

The guy I spoke to, Matt I think his name was started reeling off prices for a stock bag he could print and deliver in 10 working days.

“So is that in black?” I asked.

“Oh, no that’s for natural, black is gonna be too expensive!” he assumed.

“So you don’t have black then?” I replied assuming his reluctance for not wanting me to have black was because he didn’t have any.

“Yes we do, more than enough for your enquiry.”

Anyway, this reminded me of something that happened more than 15 years ago when I was doing the quoting, got it completely wrong and lost a potential order.

It was for a few hundred t-shirts and I guess I was desperate.

I quoted him on the cheapest t-shirt I could find, sent a sample in the post and called him up a few days later.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hi Steve, Just making sure you received the t-shirt sample I sent and wondered what you thought of it?”

Steve: “Yes I received your sample thanks, but we went with someone else.”

Me: “Oh, why was I too expensive?”

Steve: “No, we went with another guy because his t-shirt was better quality than yours.”

Turned out, Steve spent three times as much on a high quality brand that happened to be a best seller of ours with some of our top customers.

The lesson here is that contrary to what most businesses think, most people are not looking for the cheapest. Sure they want value for money and they want great quality products (unless it’s a highly commoditised product why would anyone want the worst quality?)

Anyway, if you’re into great quality and value for money promotional products, you’d be doing yourself a big favour by getting in touch and allowing me and my team help you find stuff that’ll get you noticed and keep your name in front of your customers so it’s you rather than your competitors they think of when they need your products and services.

Simply click this link and leave your details, or you can call us at 020 3221 1990 to have a quick chat, and then we can get started.

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