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All goods remain the property of Club Row Creations Ltd until paid for in full.
Payment is pro-forma unless a credit account has been opened, in which case terms are strictly 30 days net.nGoods will not be despatched when a purchaser’s account is overdue or the credit limit has been exceeded.
The Company reserves the right to charge interest on all overdue sums.


Sizes, measurements and descriptions of goods are for guidance only and the Company cannot guarantee absolute consistency of size, material, colour or shade.  All relavant products supplied should be washed in accordance with the washing instructions provided on the garment label and the Company will not accept responsibility if these instructions are not followed.
For all products, orders and artwork are to be checked and confirmed prior to production and the company cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions after this date.  These products are subject to a 5% over or under run and will be invoiced at the quoted per unit price.


Every effort will be made to deliver goods on time but no responsibility can be accepted for late or non-delivery, or for any consequential loss whatsoever.
Club Row Creations must be notified within 5 days of despatch of any shortages, damages or non-delivery of orders.


All contracts between the Company and the purchaser shall be governed by the laws of England and subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.