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The Business of Promotional Products

19th November 2015

By Mo Yusuff

Contrary to popular belief, we in the promotional products industry do business with people rather than companies.

And we do business with people we trust.

Not only do we do business with people we trust, we also do business with people who are similar to us, or at least share the same values.

So by being yourself when talking to customers (rather than those people who talk a bit like they’re reading a script and behaving like a robot, “10 days from approval of artwork” rather than, “What’s your deadline, let’s see what we can do”), you will have the pleasure of attracting the sort of people you enjoy talking to and people that will want, and continue, to do business with you.

Now at the same time as attracting people, you will push people away (it’s obvious, not everyone’s the same).

My daily emails do exactly that, push people away and at the same time attract people who trust me and my team.

Here’s a couple of examples of people who don’t like me or any of my team:

This was the reply from Vicky, after one of the Challenge Mo emails:

“Please can you delete me from your distribution list, too many emails I’m afraid, a more subtle use of email, and  more focused content would be better, come across as junk mail rather than informative info on what the company does, a less aggressive, approach is better.”

One of my favourites after my Self Disclosure emails, from the lovely Dawn:

“Go away!!!”

Then again here’s what Julie said when I took the dog for a walk without the dog:

“He he I love your emails, but they don’t normally make me titter out loud, this one did!

And another from Julie George:

Just want you to know I really enjoy reading your emails. Keep them coming!

In addition to daily emails, my monthly, hard copy, in the post, delivered to your door, great fun, no selling, just a bit about me and my team, newsletter has gone down really well:

“Morning Mo,
Just read your newsletter, love it!
Keep up the good work!
Vintage tyres


“Hey Mo,
I got my copy of the Chronicle this morning – it’s fantastic! Way to go!
Michelle x”

And even:

“Hi Mo,
I got your newsletter today, loved it!!! Would it be possible to get another 4 copies? If you agree I would like to display each page on the tenant notice board?
Look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely
Gemma Pell”

Now that you know how we do business, visit our website now and look for promotional products that will suit you.

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