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Tips for Choosing the Best Promotional Products

8th November 2018

By Mo Yusuff

They tut, they sigh and worst of all they shake their head from side to side, tut and sigh.

And all because they get rubbish pay and depend on tips to earn a living.

Welcome to the U.S in the twenty first century.

It’s hard for us Brits to understand but in America they have a culture of tipping even if the service is bad.

In most restaurants you’re expected to tip a minimum of 18% (even for bad service), 20% for average service and 22% or more if you’re happy with the food and service.

Here’s the problem.

Most people who work as waiters and bar staff rely on tips to subsidise their low basic pay, and in most restaurants a service charge is not optional. So why would anyone work harder than they need to when their pay is so bad?

Here’s an example of how this really doesn’t work.

At the airport waiting for the boarding gate to open I decided to treat myself to a glass of wine.

I walked into the bar sat down and ordered from the guy the standing the other side of the counter. When I was given the receipt I ignored the options to tip and simply paid the amount due; have a look here. That was when I got the full shaking of head from side to side, tsk tsk tsk, deep sigh and.

I just didn’t understand why I should give someone a tip just for filling up a glass and handing it to me.

Here’s the thing, you get what you pay for. If you pay little (salaries), you get little for it.

Same thing when you invest in promotional products, paying the least you can get away with, will give you about the same in return.

My tip when investing in promotional products is to spend as much as you can afford rather than as little as you can get away with. And if you need a helping hand to find promotional products that people will not shake their head from side to side when they receive them, get in touch now and my team and I will point you in the right direction.

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