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Too Busy

21st March 2019

By Mo Yusuff

It kinda threw me when I called up a customer and she said:

“We’re so busy at the moment we just don’t have time to even think about that at the moment!”

This company has an event coming up in just a few weeks’ time.

They came to me for help just over a month ago. Asked for some ideas for a product they can give to all the competitors at their event. Something that’ll be a constant reminder of the occasion in years to come.

Now I don’t think they realise just how significant it is for someone to receive something when they enter a competition or event such as this one.

Imagine finishing a marathon and not getting a medal; competing in a cycle ride and not receiving a commemorative t-shirt or achieving something you’re really proud of and receiving no recognition.

I also received another email after chasing someone who needs a table gift for all 900 people attending a black-tie event to help them drum up business.

It started with:

“Hi Mo

Sorry stupidly busy at the moment. But yes am interested…


Keith needs a quality gift all printed and delivered by the time he needs it.

I sent him a range of seven very different, quirky and creative items as requested.

Now if you speak to anyone in my industry they’ll tell you the same thing.

Most (but not all) people tend to leave choosing their promotional gifts to the very last minute and because of that, the choice of products they have becomes limited. Instead of a, wow, that is so cool and different, gotta get me one of those baby’s type of product, they run the risk of having to settle with something mediocre, average and not as exciting as it could have been.

So if you have an event or promotion coming up in the next two or three months, don’t think of your promotional products as an afterthought and leave it until a week or two before; get on the case now. You’ll be amazing at how much more choice you’ll have.

Or better still, send us quick email or leave your details here, let me have a few details and my team and I will do all the work for you.

P.S. If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary to attract the very people you’d love to do business with, I’m your man. Get in touch and let me do the work for you.

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