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Too Good to Be True Promotional Products

30th May 2019

They say if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

This is an important lesson for us all to learn from.

My Nikki is a barber. She works at a top barbershop in Fulham (her clients include the odd footballer, rugby player and celebrity). They’re not cheap, £30 for a haircut with extras on top adding another tenner or so.

But they are good; in fact I’d go so far as to say they’re exceptionally good. They offer a great experience, use the highest quality products and their clients come back again and again.

Before I share the secret of how they do it, let’s consider the opposite end of the spectrum.

Less than a mile from Nikki’s barbers by the Broadway I came across a barbershop charging £6.95. Now I have no idea why they’re so cheap and how they can survive on such low prices; but I’d hazard a guess and say, they employ barbers who are happy to be paid a pittance, they use cheap products and they’ll have you in and out of the shop within 15 minutes.

I can across this news headline:

“Haircut from hell lands barber behind bars after slicing customer’s ear and shaving off chunk of hair because he was ‘fidgeting’”

It’s absolutely true and here’s a photo of the guy who thought he’d hit the jackpot with his cheap as chips haircut.

Anyway, same applies to your promotional products; buy cheap and there’s a good chance it’ll come back to haunt you.

On the other hand, give your customers and prospective customers a promotional product that oozes quality, looks different and is very useful, and you have a customer for life.

Need a helping hand finding something that will turn your customers into raving fans and turn your prospective customers into ex- prospective customers?

Simply pop your details here or if you prefer, give me or one of my team a call and we’ll get on it straight away.

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