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29th November 2018

By Mo Yusuff

Coming up with new ideas can be difficult.

Get it right and you’re laughing (for all the right reasons). Get it wrong and it could end in tears.

One recent idea or invention did end in tears (of laughter).

It’s called the Hawaii Chair (also known as the Hula Chair). It’s advertised as an easy exercise option for those who don’t want to work out, and there lies the clue; we all know there isn’t such thing as an easy exercise option.

Claims of slimming the waist while at work and things like:

“The Hawaii Chair can be used in an office and won’t interfere with performing routine activities like typing or using the phone.”

are a little bit on the ambitious side.

Reviews for the Hawaii Chair, range from:

“The rotating seat is much too strong to make performing any work tasks possible.”

to comparing it with,

“both a carnival ride and a mechanical bull.”

Here’s a short, hilarious video of Ellen testing it out in front of millions of viewers and look out for the boss, employee role play bit. Testing out the Hawaii Chair.

Now one thing my team and would never do is offer you something with false claims.

If we say it’ll wow your customers, it’ll wow your customers. If we tell you it’s a top of the range, every wants, product, it’s because it is.

And we know these things because we are the experts.

So if you’re looking for a promotional product that’s a little out of the ordinary; or you’d simply like a few ideas of stuff you can send your bets customers as thank you gifts, simple click this link and pop your details. Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll be on it faster than a mechanical bull.

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