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How to Use Clothing to Promote Your Business

1st March 2018

Clothing can be a fantastic way to increase brand awareness. The products you use to promote your business say a lot about who you are, what your business is and what you do. Branded clothing can say a lot!

You can brand all sorts of clothing merchandise:

All of these garments have their own advantages and uses, and each can be used to increase your client base, your sales and your profits.

T-shirts, for example, can be given away to warm up prospects at seminars, conferences and events. Everyone loves a free t-shirt, even if it’s just used for bed or the gym.

Prospects who wear your name will remember your name, and a piece of clothing is a very practical and desirable giveaway to offer. What’s more, at these events, your team members can wear you’re the t-shirts, baseball caps, jackets, etc., to increase brand awareness further.

Many charities famously and successfully use branded clothing as an incentive. Runners, for example, who participate in a charity marathon, receive a t-shirt. This leads the wearer to associate their garment with an achievement.

If you open up a competition to prospects and offer branded clothing as an incentive to join in, the winner will wear their prize with pride.

Branded clothing can also be useful and practical. Workwear is always handy, whether it’s an apron, fleece or jacket. If you offer prospects something useful to wear, they’re much more likely to use it and do your advertising for you.

Branded promotional products work best when they’re useful, and you don’t get more useful than a convenient piece of work-related clothing.

There’s also work uniforms, which you can distribute to your team. Work uniforms are an excellent way to boost team morale and increase employee retention.

Case studies have shown that branded staff uniforms increase pride and belonging. Employees associate these clothes with their colleagues, their successes and their achievements. With branded staff uniforms, you’ll not only keep your staff happy, you’ll also keep them longer.

Clothing also draws attention and eyes to your brand. A prospect or client wearing your name on a t-shirt becomes an ad board. Interested friends and colleagues will ask about you and your name will spread.

When using branded clothing, it’s important to seek quality. Cheaper clothes don’t last, don’t look good and don’t make a good impression. Our clothing range is top quality, which makes all of our garments durable, professional and aesthetic.

We’re experts on what can work (and what won’t work!) for you and your business.

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