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The Use of Promotional Products To Stand Out From The Crowd

30th August 2018

By Mo Yusuff

To be successful in business we need to stand out from the crowd.

We need to be different from our competitors, not the same as them.

That’s a big problem for most companies. They look at what their competitors are doing, assume it must be the best way to do it, and then blindly copy them.

Big mistake.

Why? I hear you ask.

Well, because most companies look and behave the same, it’s difficult to choose one over the other. So the only way they can be differentiated is by price. And that’s when it becomes a serious problem.

Competing with your competitors on price is not only a dangerous game, it’s business suicide. You attract the kind of customers you could really do without. Y’know the ones I mean. Price Buyers. Those customers that’ll always go with the cheapest quote (they’ll always be someone cheaper than you which makes them the most disloyal customers you’ll ever deal with).

There’s something else about price buyers too.

They are usually the ones that complain the most, demand more and…they don’t like paying.

Now here’s the thing.

It’s actually dead easy to be different from the crowd, to stand out and be noticed for all the right reasons, and to stick in the minds of the people you really want to do business with.

Simply look at what your competitors are doing and do the opposite.

Here’s a great example of how doing the opposite to your competitors, being different and getting noticed for all the right reasons.

Robert is a good friend of mine. We’re in the same business group and we regularly share stories about companies that do things differently and great marketing campaigns.

He managed to get his hands on one of the allover digitally printed drawstring bags we recently gave away and immediately fell in love with it. Robert was so impressed with it that he wanted to show it around and create a bit of havoc. He emailed me and said:

“Hi Mo

Going to a Chamber of Commerce event on Thursday.

Not looking for new clients just catching up with some people I see twice a year.

And I look at the same old same old with regards to promotional stuff…I class it like Christmas decorations.

They bring the same stuff from the loft and put it on display for this event…makes me smile!

Normally I am given some cheap promotional bags when I get there. Then on my travels they throw in pens, notepads, chocolates, etc.

So do I have the balls to take the super duper bag from Club Row Creations?



I told Robert him he did have the balls and kinda dared him to do it, and I need a photo from you to prove it.” I demanded.

Not only did Robert do it, the reaction he got surprised even him.

For a range of promotional products that stands out from the crowd, have a look here, and if you aren’t sure what to choose, keep in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help you choose the best promotional merchandise for your company.

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