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Value Your Existing Customers

5th September 2019

By Mo Yusuff

We all know that nothing lasts forever.

What worked to generate business exceptionally well a few years ago, suddenly becomes ineffective and a waste of time and money.

Back in the day it was easy to generate new business.

A few well-placed magazine ads and the enquiries poured in. If you managed the enquiries well you’d convert up to a quarter into paying customers.

Then along came online and SEO (search engine optimisation) was the new big thing. This coupled with Google Pay-per-click and you were flying.

Nowadays it’s much harder to find new customers. It’s much harder to get yourself found online, especially by the kind of people you want to do business with.

Having said that, there are ways of attracting the sort of people you want to do business with and at the same time pushing away the tyre kickers and those who waste your time kidding you that they’re looking for what you have to offer so you do all the work for them only for them to disappear (if you’re lucky) and never to be heard of again.

The thing is, and not many people grasp this, there’s a huge goldmine right under your nose of people that would be more than happy to give you their money.

If you haven’t quite grasped it yet, I’ll tell you.

It’s your existing customers.

How many times have you spoken to a customer or client about a product or service you offer only for them the say:

“Oh, I didn’t know you did that, I’ve just placed an order with Inferior Services PLC, a couple of days ago.”

And that’s after you’ve sent them your catalogue showing all your products, sent them links to your website showing them all your products and spoken to them in the past about all your products.

Chances are they didn’t think to ask you because you weren’t engaging enough with them and you don’t have that special rapport with then so they’ll always consider you rather than one of your competitors when they need your products and services.

The good news though is that it’s easy to engage with your customers. Sending them a little thank you something in the post, for example, is huge, and a lot less expensive than advertising and spending money getting new customers.

The even better news is I’ll show you exactly how you do this in my book, Prom Power Supremacy which I’d like you to have on me.

It shows in great detail, ways you can engage with your top customers, get lapsed customers buying from you again and how to choose the perfect promotional gift that’ll turn your best customers into life long fans.

And because I want to show you how powerful it is to receive a small gift in the post, I’ll pop a little something in with the book too (in fact I’ll pop 2 little somethings in with the book, so you can share with a colleague if you’re that way inclined). Simply click the link, Send me your book and 2 small gifts please, Mo.

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