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Why cheap promotional products are a no-no

21st April 2016

By Mo Yusuff

Some advice I was given a while ago was this: whenever you buy something, choose the highest quality you can afford and usually, the more you spend, the less the headache and the more you save in the long run.

This is true with promotional products and, actually, with anything.

Ever seen a bargain, bought it and then realised it actually wasn’t a bargain after all?

Happened to me in Spain a couple of months ago and strengthened my belief that you really do get what you pay.

Here’s why:

Although my week in Spain was a holiday, there was also work stuff I needed to do that couldn’t wait, so it was a kind of working holiday, but a lot more holiday than work.

On my laptop, I have a “soft phone” – it’s a piece of software that allows me to connect to the office telephone system, so my laptop becomes an extension, allowing me to talk to my team and them to me without having to dial.

Now, when we speak to each other through my laptop mic and speakers it picks up any background noise including the voice of the person at the other end, so they hear themselves talk with a second or two delay making it very distracting and difficult to have a conversation. So, to solve this problem, I plug in my earphones and everything works fine.

After the first day, I somehow lost my Apple earphones, so went hunting for something to replace them and I came across a bargain that really looked the business. They cost just €5.00 and looked and felt just like the ones I lost, albeit a different colour, a real bargain at a fraction of the cost of the missing ones.

Crappy Earphones

There was, however, one very small snag.

When speaking normally no one could hear me. I had to really shout and still the reply would be, “you’re a bit faint still, Mo, speak up.”

So, the lesson here’s that cheap isn’t always good. You’ll get what you paid for eventually.

Now, we’re known to be quite pricey compared to others, but we do provide an amazing range of promotional products and quality service that will leave you satisfied.

We also have a guarantee that assures you that your business and promotional products are in good hands.

So, get in touch now and let us help you find your promotional products – we promise they’ll be all perfect for you and your company!

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