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Why People Spend Money on Promotional Products

27th June 2019

By Mo Yusuff

Any idea why people spend money on promotional products?

Why they throw thousands, tens of thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of pounds on the stuff?

To be honest, I wonder myself sometimes.

Having said that, I do know why people should invest their company’s money in branded products and I also know what they do wrong that wastes so much cash too.

Before I spill the beans on how and why so much money is wasted when buying promotional products, let me share with you the five (and only five) reasons for using promotional merchandise.

1. A Form of Advertising – to make people aware of you, your products and your services

Usually these are low cost items and whilst cheap pens and low cost promotional products can give out the wrong impression about your company, they do have their place…as long as they’re useful and a bit different and they don’t look cheap. 

2. Thank You Gifts – To thank someone for doing business with them

It tells your customer you really value their business and it makes them feel important too…which they are.

It also shows a caring side. It’s a great way to keep the relationship going after the sale and the big thing is…

…the Law of Reciprocity kicks in; “If I give you something, you’ll want to give me something in return.”

3. Incentives –To motivate someone to do something 

An example of this could be to get people to spend more with you; “Spend £100 and get this amazing power bank mobile device charger worth £15.”

Or how about, “Sign up for my workshop by the 31st and I’ll give you a set of earphones absolutely free.”

And the really smart thing about this is, in most cases, you can add the cost into the product price.

4. To Acknowledge Membership of a Group or Company – To get people feeling part of a team

People want to belong, to a family, to a sports team or to a work group and branding products with your company logo and message helps people to feel that belonging.

Apple does this so well. When you enter an Apple store you’ll see everyone wearing, with pride their blue or red t-shirt with the white Apple logo. 

5. To Sell – Makes you money and gets other people promoting your business

This is a really big thing for charities where people want to buy something to support the cause and also the big brands.

A company that does this brilliantly is Guinness. They have literally anything you can imagine for sale with their logo, stuff like luxury truffles, Christmas baubles and even fluffy slippers. Have a look for yourself here.

Ok so what are the big mistakes people make when investing in promotional products?

There are a few but the main reasons are they’re not clear about what they want the promotional products to do. And they’re very precious about their logo.

Spending money on a few thousand low prices pens and handing them out to all and sundry is a waste, whereas investing a bit more on a better quality pen and qualifying first the people you give them too is more likely to work.

Also decorating a promotional product with you logo as the centrepiece is a waste of prime advertising space. Instead, have a strapline that says what you do or tells people how you can help them and maybe your url too.

Wanna have an expert advise on how to use promotional products effectively? Simply reach out at 020 3221 1990 or pop your details here so we can get started.

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