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Wow your Customers with Promotional Products

28th February 2019

By Mo Yusuff

There I was in my car stuck in rush hour traffic on my way to boxing training when I saw something that made me break out in a cold sweat and feel rather weak.

It was an email I happen to glance at on my phone; it was from a customer and all I could see was part of the first line, which said:

“Hi Mo,

How are you?

The [upmarket designer brand] bags arrived at our desks today and…”

And then the traffic started moving again so I threw my phone down to concentrate on driving. It was another thirty minutes or so before I was able to stop and check my phone again.

Now I know from experience that most of the time someone calls or emails when an order’s been delivered, it’s usually because there’s something not quite right and what made me even more paranoid was that the bag supplier was someone new.

I spotted them on a trade database and although I did all the usual checks (I even called our trade organisation who confirmed they knew this company and confirmed that nothing bad had been said about their products or service) I had a slight niggling feeling of uncertainty you get when faced with something or someone new. My reasons for giving them a chance was because they guaranteed they could deliver the bags quicker than anyone else, which was a week earlier than my customers deadline and also they responded quickly to all my requests.

Anyway after 30 minutes of torment I finally managed to open the email to read the rest; and here’s what it said:


“Hi Mo,

How are you?

The [upmarket designer brand] bags arrived at our desks today and they are AMAZING. Thank you so much for your help with these.

Our Marketing team would like to place an order for 1500 units.

The same spec as we had…

Thank you very much

Kerrie [smiley face]”


Don’t you just love it when you get thanks for all the effort and hard work?

Anyway after I replied with a: “Phew, pleased you like them…” she countered with:


“Hi Mo,

We don’t just like them we LOVE them! They are honestly the most amazing bags we have ever produced!

Good luck at Boxing [smiley face]

Let me know on prices tomorrow!

Thanks again.”


Now the reason for me sharing this with you isn’t just to brag (if someone says good things about you, why not share it?) it’s more to highlight how if you’re prepared to put that extra bit of effort in to make sure your customers or clients get, not just what they want and expect but, more than they could even image, you have raving fans for life. Customers that trust you more than most other suppliers; customers who appreciate the work and effort you put in and don’t use you because you’re cheap but because they trust you.

Wanna wow your customers like we did?

Sending promotional products to your customers to thank them or just to remind them you’re still around is a hugely successful way to keep them coming back for more time and time again.

If you’d like me and my team to help you find that wow factor promotional item, click this link and we can get started…

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