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Your Promotional Printed T-Shirts Are Too Cheap Sir

17th September 2015

By Mo Yusuff

Do you ever worry because your competitors are undercutting you?

Don’t, you have absolutely nothing to worry about and they have.

Here’s a true story about how I got it totally wrong and lost an order because we were too cheap.

We’re talking over 10 years ago now, business was not that good and a kind of desperation gets hold.

A guy calls and wants some promotional printed t-shirts, it was about 200 with his logo printed on the front. I didn’t know him nor did I know or understand his business. And the really stupid thing is, I didn’t ask him and just assumed if I went in cheap, I’d get the business.

So I quoted him on the cheapest t shirt I could find and dropped the margin a bit, convinced that most people bought on price. I’d definitely get this one; why would he go anywhere else when I’m the cheapest in town.

I did all the usual stuff, sent him a couple of samples for free, offered to create some visuals so he could see how his design would look all printed up.

I was quite pleased with my efforts and after two or three days I called him to make sure he had the samples and when he’d like to go ahead and order. Then came the answer I really didn’t expect, it went something like:

“We went with someone else”. I asked if it was a price thing and he said something like; “Their t shirt was so much better than yours, and more than double the price. We wanted something high quality”.

Crazy thing is the t shirt he chose is a high quality brand we also offer.

The really interesting thing is this; that t shirt brand is now our best-selling t shirt and we are one of the biggest suppliers of that brand in the UK today. And it’s so cool offering great quality items to people who really want them rather than getting bashed about by price buyers.

Anyway lesson learnt; don’t assume you know what your customers want without asking them. And if you’d like to see the actual t-shirts he went with, click the link: the promotional printed t-shirts he actually went with.

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